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Having a web design in Malaga is the best option for small and medium sized businesses. We create web pages for businesses in Malaga, with the best content management system, wordpress, which is intuitive and easy. Without the need for great technical knowledge, it lets the administrators of the website update and personalise a business web page easily.

In LaudeMMedia, we create your web page using WordPress website manager; Offering a professional design, personalized, and adapted to the needs of your brand. Have at your disposal a digital advisor for whenever you need them, and personalise and modify your website without limits. You can choose the order of the components of the website and update them easily. Create a unique space ahead of your competition.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business local to Malaga, a mid-sized or large business, in LaudeMMedia you will find the best technology partner to help you gain better visibility in both search engines and social networking, which will as an effect mean that more users and clients will get to know your business and choose to hire your services or buy your products.

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Web designs: they adapt to all devices.

All our creations and web designs have a responsive design, which means they can adapt to every device. A responsive web design is what makes it so the website adapts to the device on which it is being read and you can read any text on the site without the need to zoom in on a mobile or tablet.
That is, if you enter onto a website and have to pinch the screen with your fingers to read something, then it is not responsive web design.

If you go on to a website and you can read everything perfectly and if, when you turn your device, the website adapts to the screen once again, then the website is responsive.

You can test it if you are using your mobile or tablet to view this web page.
Turn the screen.
It is like this because LaudeMMedia has responsive web design.

The success of your brand depends on your web design. More than 350 businesses have trusted us and our web designs.

Personalized web development.

In all our designs we adapt to the brand image of the company, respecting corporate colors so that the web design of your company in Malaga is 100% genuine and personalized.

Website positioning.

We carry out a web design so that the positioning in Malaga in Google is sewing and singing. We study key words of your sector and we design your business page, putting special emphasis on key words that will be taken into account by search engines, meaning that your website will have a good position. All our web designs are registered on the most popular search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Experts in On-line Marketing

We have more than 13 years of experience in web design and development in Malaga, we are Google partners, our badge in the page footer verifies it.

Secure and FREE web hosting.

In all our Web designs in Malaga we offer our clients: web hosting that is 100% secure and free for the first year, meaning that your website and mail service can be stored in our dedicated administered servers with complete security.

Having a successful web page in Malaga is possible.

We all know the Internet is becoming more and more relevant in our lives. We wake up to the Internet and go to sleep with it. It may not sound good, but it’s how it is. The moment you wake up, the first thing you do is get your mobile and start to use it. whether it is using apps or even reading a digital newspaper.

It is for this reason that each day, little by little, we are realising that we need more Internet in our lives. For businesses, it is getting more and more important that they have a digital presence. For all those who do not know how to own a website in Malaga, here are some essential tips.

The key is not to just have a web page, but to have a good web page. Not all web pages that we can find on the Internet are well created. For example, the free web pages that are offered on “Wix.com o IONOS 1and1 Mi Web“, don’t have a good code nor are they optimised for the image of your business. If they wish to give you anything for free, automatically be distrustful. In life and work nothing is free, which means that although they maybe saying it is free or very cheap, in the long run it will be expensive.

Because we are realists, the Internet is the future, and because of this we should start to digitalise businesses so that your business reaches others, not just local clients. but you can do it in every part of the world. Enlarging your sales on a large scale is something that many people dream of, and now thanks to the Internet it is a real possibility.

The second key for having a website in Malaga is to have a good web design agency behind your page. The more original and eye pleasing the page, the more time clients will spend looking at it. And not only will they stay longer on the site, they will return to it later on. That is what we need,the client returning to the page, and that they get a good feeling when they see the quality of your work. It is because of this it is important to have a good web design and a good team behind your site. This is possible thanks to businesses that sell web pages in Malaga and all the hard work which is put in to each and every one of them.

Another key point which is important in a good web page is the position of the page. You could ask what this is, and the answer is simple. When we search something using Google or another search engine, everything remains registered. But do not be alarmed, it is this registered data that makes it possible to analyse what clients are really looking for. You could ask why this is so important, and the answer would be that knowing how a client would think is essential. To be able to sell a good product, it is important to know the clientele, and this is why key words exist. These were used by the client to find your services. This the key to positioning. So that you are the first option in Google and other search engines, the key words on your web page should be well defined and used on your website. That doesn’t mean you should go and put a bunch of random words anywhere, you must know where to put them. This is another of the jobs which is done by businesses that sell web pages in Malaga.

But, of course, not all Malaga businesses do it correctly. Only a few are capable of this. There are businesses that are specially dedicated to SEO and Digital Marketing. For this speciality, you must pass some exams. If we use the example of Google for the positioning of Malaga web pages, a business or company must have a certification from of Google to be able to launch publicity and marketing campaigns on said search engine.

The membership that Google gives to businesses that pass those exams and manage to maintain a minimum inversion of 10.000€ per trimester, is called Google Partners. It is a membership that takes a lot of hard work to attain, and even more to maintain. For this my advice is that you get very well informed on if the company that you are trusting with your web page has this membership. In other words, if they are Google Partners, because this guarantees success in the must successful search engine in the world.

Other aspects to take into account for your web page is if you feel comfortable with the company you have hired to create your web page. The reason is very simple. The website that does Malaga web design should be communicative and very honest. They should explain things to you simply in a way you understand, and of course with sincerity.

It is for these reasons that you should look for a good web design company. If you are in Malaga, Laudemmedia can help develop your business. To make it a reality, and with total transparency, so that you feel really comfortable with the whole process. We count on a team which put a lot of effort and hard work behind every page and dedicate all their attention to their clients. Because we know there is nothing better than feeling relaxed at a job well done.

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