SEM campaigns are one way to achieve inmediate positioning on search engines like Google or Yahoo. The most known SEM platform is Google Adwords. The system works as following: the advertiser only pays when a user clicks on their advert. Google rewards the most relevant advertisers with greater visibility for lower cost. The quality of ad campaigns is essential for an account to be efficient and generate sales at a good price.

If the advertiser has an optimised web page and knows how to convert users who click on their advert into clients, they can go on to generate a lot of benefits on their online business. Many businesses have done it and continue to do it. To be able to achieve optimal results a lot of knowledge of Google AdWords is needed as well as time to manage to the campaigns. Being aware of the latest news and knowing the market is also essential for a successful campaign.

We are partners with Google

Four reasons for why you should choose LaudeMMedia for your SEM campaigns on Google Adwords

We have managed international campaigns bettering the SEM positioning of many clients from different industries. Our team has all the expert titles certified by Google and our agency is a Google Adwords partner. A few examples of clients that we have worked with: Intermón Oxfam, Unicef, Grupo Godó, SuperMartxé, Grupo Meliá Ibiza, floristería El Cortijo,, Grupo de Hoteles B&B, etc.

We are Google Partners and we have a team that dedicate 100% of their time working on pay per click campaigns, reading blogs and learning the new tools and tendencies of SEM.

We work with the best tools on the market like, for example, Adobe Search Centre (Omniture) which lets us manage bids automatically and make a very advanced report of your campaigns. We are capable of managing campaigns of any size thanks to our experience with top level tools.

We are an international company and very focused on the results of our clients. We dedicate a lot of effort to the analysis of campaigns to better them, and we also offer solutions to try and better your landing pages. Our pay-per-click (PPC) strategy is defined based on the rest of the online marketing campaigns that are carried out to take full advantage of the synergies.

Have you ever felt pursued by a banner after visiting a website or online product? This is exactly what remarketing does, and it has a very high return on investment.

Remind your potential public that you’re still there and do not lose any opportunity to gain communication / sales! Remarketing offers a multitude of possibilities to call the attention of users who have shown interest in your products or services.

Advanced remarketing campaign

Branding campaigns

Do you want to incriment the visibility of your brand within your target audience? We carry out your brand and product positioning campaigns focused on obtaining the greatest possible number of impacts at the lowest price.

Thanks to the advanced segmentation tools of Google Adwords, your adverts will only be shown to users with interests related to your business and on topically relevant web pages. Do not waste the opportunity to increase your visibility among your target audience!

Branding campaigns on Google display and video network are really cheap and have very good results in regards to cost per click and obtained impressions.

Our graphic design team which speacialises in online publicity will create all the necessary banners to execute optimal display campaign. A potent message together with dynamic calls to action will assure you a high ratio per click.

We offer various advertising packages of different sizes to adapt your message to any website.

Banner design for your campaign on Google Adwords

Get in touch with us and we will carefully analyse your company to create the best publicity campaign on Google Adwords